We exist as a church because we believe that Jesus died for all to create a new people defined not by nationality, ethnicity, or common background, but by the gospel. We believe that Jesus’ death on the cross saves us from sin and its consequences and makes us members of his eternal kingdom.

Our sole authority and standard for belief and practice is the Bible. As a confessional church, Riverside is in full agreement with the Constitution of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, which includes The Essentials, The Westminster Confession of Faith, and the Shorter and Larger Catechisms. These documents summarize and explain our biblical faith. All the officers of our church (pastor, elders, deacons) express their assent to these doctrinal standards and agree to teach in accordance with them.

We heartily affirm the EPC’s motto: In essentials: unity; in non-essentials: liberty; in all things: charity.

Our understanding of what it means to be an “evangelical” church is well summarized in the Cambridge Declaration on historical evangelicalism.